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I’m a steward for a major US airline company. I’ve been flying for almost 10 years now. There are a couple of points that I have actually found to be really hard to keep while flying.

One is a healthy and balanced diet plan and also one more is just remaining healthy and balanced. I utilized to get ill often. I’m speaking, sinus infections in July … when we need to be cost-free and clear from winter season.

I can basically plan on consistent blockage from September to March with all the colds that come on-board my aircraft. When you have been in the airport, have you ever discovered a healthy meal choice?

Also at the resort I stayed at last week I asked if it was possible to bring me just a plate of steamed veggies. I recommended broccoli, asparagus or carrots.

They brought me a plate of roasted potatoes. I was in utter shock that the only vegetable they could locate was a starch. In any case, you get my factor, right. It’s hard to consume healthy while traveling.

Well, after ten years I have discovered my option for both consuming healthy as well as remaining healthy and balanced. Yay! I initially read about MonaVie acai juice from my Mommy in Law.

She called me in rips (of happiness) that she had the ability to walk up and down stairways like a typical individual. The pain in her knees had significantly improved with her brand-new favored beverage, MonaVie Active.

The glucosamine in the juice assisted her much better than any other supplement that she had actually ever before tried. I was interested in this MonaVie item after she told me about it.

Usually I am a skeptic regarding points such as this, yet I recognized that my MIL had no factor to exist to me. She had not been attempting to market me the acai juice, she had not been promoting it.

She had just tried it, and also was delighted with the results. I determined it was my turn to try the products as well. I started with the MonaVie M(mun) acai juice.

M(mun) is fortified with an item called Wellmune WGP. An item that is clinical confirmed to lessen the duration and also intensity of cool like signs.

Well after a month of consuming the juice I lastly got a cold. I awakened on the 2nd day of my three outing with a substantial frustration, aching throat and a cough.

I had been taking the MonaVie Active more frequently because I get tendinitis in my knee. So, I stepped up my M(mun) juice quickly. I started consuming 6oz of M(mun) a day. Within 2 days the frustration and also sore throat were gone. All I was left with was a little drainage in my nose.

Nothing I could not bear with. I was thrilled. I imply, that cold begun feeling like a negative one. Within two days, it mosted likely to feeling like a drippy nose. I was marketed!

Currently for the eating healthy component … well I figured out that MonaVie has an amazing weight-loss strategy. It’s so easy. I blend a shake for morning meal, a shake for lunch, a snack bar later and as healthy and balanced a supper as possible!

The shakes are very easy to make. All I require is my shaker cup, the shake mix and also 8 oz of water. When I get to the hotel at night, I simply try to purchase the healthiest thing I can discover on the menu.

I actually don’t have weight to shed right now, so I haven’t been paying as well very close attention to it. Yet, I really feel a lot far better knowing that I am obtaining a nutrient as well as vitamin packed breakfast as well as lunch for just 190 calories each shake.

It sure is a whole lot much easier than trying to lug all my own food, keeping it chilly, as well as being able to reheat it. My favorite point is that I really feel suffered through the day. I do not ever seem like I’m starving myself to claim my next dish. visit Take a look also are more information about not just to keep yourself healthy but also kids travelling with you by checking and visit our website via the link.

Generally when I start to feel starving, I’ll take a look at my watch and I have actually already passed lunch time. I have a brother in law that adhered to the MonaVie weight-loss strategy just recently and lost 21 pounds the initial month that he began it.

I truly enjoy this brand-new regimen that I have executed in my life. I have much more power everyday. I feel much healthier. I am eradicating illness so much faster and also staying healthy and balanced longer.

I have been sharing my experience mostly with flight attendants that I assume would gain from these items too. However I have discovered that there are a lot of individuals around who might work in environments comparable to mine that make it hard to eat healthy or stay healthy and balanced.

Helen T. Lindsey

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